Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Visit from an always friend

I know I talk about my college roommates a lot, but that's only because they're so awesome. :) Recently, in fact, about one week before Eleanor was born, one of my roommates, Jennie, moved from her home state of Virginia halfway across the country. I was pretty bummed about it because while we were living in Farmville, she was just an hour away and she was probably the roommate I saw most often for those two-plus years. I knew that we'd continue keeping in close touch and that whenever we got together it'd be like no time had passed because it's like that with the people you've shared bedrooms, bathrooms, secrets, and tears with for four years. But still, I was bummed. Distance is distance. Anyway, she moved about 10 months ago and despite the distance, I've seen her at least 3 times since she moved. It's been wonderful! All that is to say that a couple weeks ago, she came to visit for a couple days. Of course it was a great visit and great to catch up.

The only bummer about the visit was that the rest of the roommies weren't there. Thanks for coming to visit, Jennie!


jennie said...

it was so so good to be there!! I love the term "always friend!" YES INDEED!! Can't wait for the next time!

maggie said...

aw, looks like an awesome visit! I also love "always friend" - so glad to count you all as mine :)

Dorothy said...

Friends are just angels in disguise. Enjoy!