Monday, July 21, 2014

Auntie Lauren and Grandma babysit!

We had told our family that we were in a bit of a tight spot this summer a few times when Chris would be out of town and I had to work, and thankfully, Lauren volunteered to come down for a weekend and watch Eleanor for us. She came down a day early so we could hang out together and then stuck around to help out. On Friday we took a few walks around the block, went shopping, and picked up some Slurpees, which Eleanor loved.

My mom came down for the babysitting day, too. It went wonderfully! Eleanor had a great time, and I think, so did they! My mom put up a ton of pictures from their visit here.

We are so, so thankful for the help of our family and friends. I honestly don't know how other parents are both able to keep their jobs when they don't have family or friends to step in and help out. Thanks again for coming down to help Auntie Lauren and Grandma!!


Patty said...

Wonderful pictures!

Dorothy said...

What a very precious weekend we had! She smiled all day long! Love love love time with Little E!