Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eleven months

At eleven months old, Eleanor has learned several new things. First, she can take a few steps by herself, and can stand up from a seated position without touching anything by rocking forward onto her hands and feet and then standing up from a squat. She's gone a grand total of about 3 feet distance-wise and seven steps. I'm not sure I would fully consider this walking, but she's trying. She also has finally gotten some new teeth! She is currently working on her top four incisors. She first broke her left lateral incisor, then her right central, and the rest are still buried - hope to see them soon. It only took about six months, but they're finally coming in. Besides the sounds she was making last month, she can now say the word "dog." Whenever we go out on our walks, she points (another new thing) and says "dog" when we pass one. I would count this as her first real word outside of "mama" and "dad." She's drinking from her straw cup unassisted - she pulls it off the table and holds it herself when she wants some water. She also recently started taking Chris' spoon in the morning when he is done with his yogurt, dipping it into the (empty) cup and then putting it in her mouth. Also, after we get her out of the bath, I hand her her brush while I'm getting her dressed and she "brushes" her hair, though usually with the wrong side of the brush. She turns the pages of her books during story time at night, and she is able to put rings back on her toys once she pulls them off. She can also catch her ball (in her lap) and pick it up and throw it back.

We've got a very cute little lady on our hands and we plan to enjoy this last month before she turns a year old taking a couple vacations with her.

Eleanor at onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnine, and ten months.


LA-jan said...

Really, really adorable!

Paula said...

All pictures are great, but that last one ... sigh!

Patty said...

I thought I had commented days ago! I love the pictures that show her eyelashes! That one with the teddy bear is adorable and I think she looks a little mischevious in that last one, despite the gorgeous eyelashes!

Dorothy said...

Oh my! The first picture and the last on the post just kill me!