Monday, September 8, 2014

August wrap-up

Well, it's well into September now, and while a lot of our August was spent on vacation (the first couple days in California and the second full week in North Carolina), we did do a few things around home and Williamsburg, as well.

We've taken lots of trips down to Colonial Williamsburg to see sheep, horses, get ice cream in our refillable mugs, check out the farmer's market on the weekends, and catch up with friends.

On one such trip downtown, Eleanor got to meet Scruff McGruff. She definitely didn't associate him with being a dog, but it was pretty hilarious to watch all the same.

Eleanor is also much more into reading these days. She has sort of created a book corner for herself in her room. She climbs in between the rocker and her crib and sits there to read her books.

We are enjoying all the outdoors we can, as we know fall is coming and behind that, winter. We spend pretty much all our awake time outside walking, biking (more on this later), or hanging out on the screened in porch. It has been hot this week but milder weather is coming.

Because she is now 1 and walking everywhere, Eleanor always has shoes on. She loves her shoes and always tries to put them on even when we aren't going anywhere. She also loves to carry her shoes (or ours) around the house with her.

We have recently started taking walks without the stroller in the mornings. Eleanor likes to just wander down our street and look at the cats and dogs and neighbors. One such time she grabbed hold of our neighbor's stroller and pushed it into a ditch. Thankfully there were understanding neighbors and no injuries, but now that I know she is capable of that we will be much more careful.

Chris has been continuing to play tennis while the weather is good and Eleanor has more fun watching now that she can roam around and chase balls.

I had Eleanor write thank you notes to her some of the people who gave her birthday gifts. Fairly successful, but we stopped after a couple notes because she wanted to write on everything instead of just the notes.

Me and Eleanor chilling on the couch!

School (at W&M) is back in session and Chris volunteered for move-in day which happened to fall on Eleanor's actual birthday. He helped a friend make kettle corn free for students, families, and volunteers and Eleanor and I went to visit. Another girl there who was about 12 played with Eleanor almost the entire time and let us know that this was her 11th move-in day at which she had volunteered. I love to think that Eleanor might be able to say the same thing years from now, but we won't get ahead of ourselves ;)

Speaking of school being back in session, sports are, too! We went to the field hockey game last week and Eleanor loved running up and down the bleachers and hanging out with friends.

I still have a bit more to catch up on from August, but being behind is totally worth it when you have vacations to blame.


Patty said...

I love these pictures! She is so cute reading and putting her shoes on. And I had originally thought that Hannah was in the stroller when she pushed it...I'm glad she wasn't!

LA-jan said...

Wow, she really moving now! So cute to see her so mobile!

Dorothy said...

Her book corner is so cute! I can attest to her love of shoes. She was so happy to play with them when I watching her!

maggie said...

I love her adorable shoes! You are a girl on the go, Eleanor!