Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Labor Day

One of Chris' best friends from high school was getting married Labor Day weekend up in northern Virginia, so Chris and I headed up to my parents' house to visit and attend. My parents and sister volunteered to watch Eleanor while we went to the wedding so they had a fun little evening together and got Eleanor ready and into bed. From what I understand, Eleanor guided them through her bedtime process by pulling out her pajamas and trying to put them on when she started getting tired, to pushing her books away when she was ready to be done reading and lay down.

We had a really fun time at the wedding. The wedding was at Smokey Glen Farm in Maryland and involved delicious barbecue. It did rain that evening, but it's been so hot that it actually made the evening better. It was a Jewish ceremony complete with the things you would expect, like a chuppah and yarmulkes, to the things you wouldn't, like llamas named Alien, minigolf, and tether ball. We had a great time, as anyone would with the above combination of things. 

The rest of the time at my parents' house, we spent taking bike rides and playing. My parents had collected some "toys" for Eleanor including an old egg carton filled with a few plastic Easter eggs and some old coffee tins that they let Eleanor drum on using wooden spoons. She loved it all. She also had to take a few sink cool-offs after coming in from outside because she would get so overheated in the ridiculously hot weather.

Monday of Labor Day weekend was Auntie Erika's birthday, so we had birthday lunch with Chris' family to celebrate! Since Eleanor had a birthday last month and knows what cake looks like, she can't stand to be around it without eating it. So singing to Auntie Erika and waiting for a piece of her birthday cake was torture for her. Uncle Jonathan took pictures of her across the table, and they were hilarious :)

And of course, Eleanor with her birthday Auntie.

It was a very busy family and friend filled weekend. We had a great time seeing everyone!


Dorothy said...

I love babysitting that girl!

LA-jan said...

Really gorgeous dress you wore to the wedding, Katie!
What a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Those pictures of her in front of the cake are HILARIOUS. That girl knows a good thing when she sees it!

maggie said...

you guys looks great! Sorry, Eleanor, waiting for cake does not get any easier! I feel the same way...