Monday, September 22, 2014

Eastern Shore

Two weeks ago, Chris and I headed to the Eastern Shore for another of his high school friend's weddings. She got married at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Maryland, which was absolutely gorgeous. They ceremony was around sunset, so the views were incredible! The food was also amazing, particularly for Chris, who loves seafood. Since it was only two weeks after another good friend from high school's wedding, we didn't have to play catch up with everyone and were able to just hang out and have a good time. Chris' parents were also at the wedding as they were close with the bride's parents while the group was in high school, so it was a family affair, as well. We had a great time enjoying an awesome evening in a beautiful setting :)

It was a quick trip up north and back, but memorable, for sure :) And a big thanks to Uncle Rob and Auntie Joanna for watching Eleanor while we were at the wedding!


Patty said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the one by that outdoor fireplace! Indeed, it was a wonderful evening and glad we could share it with you and so many wonderful friends from the past!

Dorothy said...

What a lovely sunset and beautiful people! Glad you had fun.

maggie said...

That sunset is stunning! Your summer has been full of weddings - so fun!