Thursday, September 25, 2014


As of this past weekend, it's officially fall, and this past weekend also marked our last big trip of the summer. From the first weekend in July through now, we had plans (or work) almost every weekend. It was a busy summer but we are so grateful for all the help we received, and for all the opportunities we had to visit family (including some extended family on both sides) and friends.

Last weekend we went to Pittsburgh - a place I have never had on my "to visit" list, but as one of Chris' teammates was getting married there, we headed north. We stayed downtown in a nice apartment with a rooftop deck, so we were able to walk basically everywhere we wanted to go. On Friday we walked to a Pirates game at PNC park where we met up with a bunch of teammates and their wives. I'm not a huge fan of baseball but the company was amazing.

Saturday, we spent the day exploring the city. We walked up and down the hills of Pittsburgh, over bridges and through tunnels, and essentially got ourselves very hungry for lunch. Then we went to Primanti Brothers and got the most amazing sandwiches.

The wedding was Saturday evening, and of course, it was wonderful. I always love opportunities to get together with the (old) team and the ladies who were just as dedicated in college going to all their games. It is so nice to spend time with the wives of some of these women who remember what it was like driving to games in Richmond, northern Virginia, and down the peninsula, coming back early over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks for games, as well as spending long weekends every year at the CAA tournament while in school.

I know it's not a very glamorous place, but this was actually our first weekend alone, away from Eleanor since she joined our family last summer. We dropped her off with grandparents on our way up to Pennsylvania and she had a great weekend without us. Her grandparents took her to a petting zoo, offered her new and interesting toys to play with, and just spent a lot of quality time with our girl. She was very happy to see us when we got back, which was absolutely adorable, but I could tell she had a fantastic time! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gmom and Papa Laser!!

Truly, it was a great summer where both our time and our hearts were full, and now we are looking forward to the respite of fall (I hope!).


Patty said...

Great pictures from Pittsburgh! And it was our pleasure to watch our little girl! I miss her little arms reaching out to me.

maggie said...

What a fun weekend for both you guys and for E! You all really had a busy summer - hope you find the time to relax this fall :)

Dorothy said...

A great weekend for everyone!