Monday, September 29, 2014

Sibling weekend!

Through random occurrence, three of Chris' four siblings decided to come down to visit this last weekend. It was wonderful. I love spending time with family, I love visitors, and I love Eleanor's aunties. We took a sibling picture the first night everyone was here...of course, we missed Robert:

We had a great weekend just catching up and spending time together. We were all able to go to church together on Sunday morning, including Eleanor in her Sunday best.

We also decided to go pumpkin picking in Surry on Sunday before Ashleigh, Jessie, and Ben had to head back to JMU. We took the ferry across the river and headed to College Run Farms (the same place we went picking last year). It was very different than last year because now Eleanor can walk through the patch and touch things. Last year she was only about 6 weeks old and only came out of the Moby wrap for pictures.

She seemed to enjoy pumpkin picking, but it was still a little hot and I put pants on her because I didn't want her legs to get torn up in all the prickly stuff.

Overall though, the pumpkin patch was a great decision:

Eleanor was particularly a fan of the end, though, when Auntie Erika shared her pumpkin ice cream with her. Best part of her day.

Erika also brought her bike down so we were able to ride around the area a little bit with Eleanor while she was here. The weekend ended up being very relaxing and fun, and I know Eleanor particularly enjoyed having the extra people around to entertain her and make her laugh :) Thanks for visiting Erika, Ashleigh, Jessie, and Ben!


Patty said...

What wonderful pictures! I could comment on every one! So glad you got to spend time with family. And I love that Eleanor loves ice cream!!

maggie said...

what a fun weekend! So great to be surrounded by family :)

Dorothy said...

Such a great weekend with family! Good times!