Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy birthday Chris!!

This week was Chris' birthday...last of the 20's! His day was pretty crazy between work, coming home to fix his garage door which has been broken for a few days, and then heading off to class. Because we knew his day would be so busy, we celebrated the day before since we were home together all day. Erika was still here from the weekend and was able to celebrate with us, too! Eleanor's main focus was obviously the cake.

And, a picture of Chris on his actual birthday:

Happy birthday Chris! You're the best :) We love you very much!


Dorothy said...

That garage repair looks scary! Hope it wasn't too big a job. Fun weekend, and a quiet birthday....hope you enjoyed it all. I second your last line!!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Chris!!! Looks like a very fun celebration and a delicious cake :)

Patty said...

Love these pictures! She was intent on that cake! Love you, too, Chris!