Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend with mom

This weekend, my mom came down to visit! It happened to be her birthday weekend and we were thrilled that she decided to spend it with us :) She brought her bike down with her and we spent the weekend riding and exploring the trails near our house.

First we rode to Jamestown Island, around, around the island, out to Black's Point, and then back. At one point, Eleanor's trailer ran over a turtle so I had to turn around and get it off the road.

That afternoon while Eleanor was napping, my mom and I got back on our bikes and rode to Surry. We took the ferry over (which I've never taken on a bike) and rode a little bit across the James River. Some of our friends were heading over to go pumpkin picking so we got to enjoy the ferry ride with them!

We had some well deserved birthday cake for my mom that evening. While we were trying to take a picture, Eleanor found the cake with her fingers.

The next day we went to church.

And after church was over, we hit the road again! This time we rode along the Colonial Parkway along the river from Jamestown to College Creek.

Overall it was a great weekend! We rode over 40 miles around our house exploring the area and had a great time. The weather was awesome for riding - cool and overcast but not raining. We really couldn't have picked a better weekend. Happy birthday, Mom!!!


Dorothy said...

You guys have the best riding trails! I enjoyed every moment. Thank you!

LA-jan said...

The sky is beautiful (but looks so ominous!) Glad the weather co-operated!
Looks like a great birthday weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! I really miss the VA scenery this time of year. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it!

Patty said...

I need to get down with my bike and go riding! These are wonderful. She is so darn cute in that helmut!

maggie said...

40 miles!!!!!?! That is seriously impressive! Would love to join you on these trails one day!