Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This year I wanted to get a little creative with Eleanor's costume because it may be the only year she lets me. Last year she was still basically a newborn and it was enough for me to try to get her fed and changed and into a costume period. Next year it's possible that she will want to pick her own costume, so this year I wanted to go traditional. Because Eleanor still walks a little unsteady and most of her words sound like "muh" or "uh" or "bah," I figured a mummy would be appropriate. And guys...she was the cutest mummy I've ever seen. She got tons of compliments on her costume.

It truly accentuated her big belly and cheeks!

We met up with the other neighborhood "babies," though I guess this year they are all toddlers, for a group picture. We got a picture of the girls all together last year, and over the past year one of them acquired a sibling!

We then took the crew trick or treating to a few houses. We had taught Eleanor how to say "boo" and "trick or treat" but her "trick or treat" sounded more like "kih koh" while she bobbed her head side to side. She wouldn't say it to any of the neighbors, but she did sign "thank you" a couple times when asked, so I count that as a win.

Overall, an awesome Halloween!


Dorothy said...

Oh, she is such an adorable mummy! Love that costume! What a great group picture too!

Patty said...

Love these pictures! She was the perfect mummy with a pacifier! You are so blessed to have all your little ones so close in the neighborhood. Adorable costumes!

maggie said...

such cute group photos! great costume, eleanor!