Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October wrap-up

October is the last month before the holidays kick in. Right after Halloween, I started thinking about my work schedule for November/December, when we would visit family for each holiday, what kind of gifts we'd like to give this year, what kind of traditions we'd like to encourage for our own (small) family, etc. October was full, but I think November might be more full. 

Speaking of Halloween, Eleanor made some holiday-themed art at school this past month. I think she's either got a ways to go or perhaps she's the next Picasso. 

We've been starting to have play dates with a friend at a park on Mondays, and last week Eleanor took a face plant off a small slide. She didn't seem to mind it too much, but she was so dirty she ended up needing a bath.

Eleanor has started eating apples this month. She seems to enjoy the challenge and it keeps her distracted when I am trying to do something like make dinner.

I used to be able to help Eleanor down the steps in the garage and then run back into the house to grab some things before we hit the outdoors, but she has recently discovered the recycling which sits right next to the door. I have come out to find her with some interesting items. Thankfully, we rinse everything before we throw it out there.

We've done lots and lots of playing this the park, in the backyard, with and without friends. She is particularly enjoying digging in things (like mulch).

Eleanor continues to nap whenever she gets tired wherever she is. I would prefer her to always sleep in the crib, but we raised her to be flexible with her naps, and flexible she has become.

We attempted some tennis this month. The racquet is still a bit big.

Grocery shopping is a little more fun when Eleanor gets to ride in a car instead of the cart. They have these grocery baskets at the store nearest our house.

My tomatoes are weirdly still growing. We're starting to get frost at night so I think that might be the official end, but this past month, Eleanor has started picking the tomatoes (which we then give her to eat with dinner. 

I also started trying to give Eleanor non-covered containers. I gave her a cup of cheerios the other day and she tried so hard to eat them with one hand while holding the container with the other, but as you can see they ended up spilling on the floor. Then she decided to take the container to the face to eat. Very entertaining.

We had friends come into town, and it was the first time we lined up all our kids together. How adorable, right? It was good to see them.

Eleanor is gearing up for basketball season! Chris took her to open practice the other day where she hung out with a bunch of the girls we end up sitting with during the season. The older girls still call her "baby Eleanor," and I guess they probably will until there is a new baby sitting in our section.

Maynard (the cabbage patch doll) is still a huge hit in our house. Eleanor takes him everywhere, including outside. The other day I found her in her room putting Maynard into her laundry basket. Then she said "shh shh" so I think she was trying to put him in his "crib." It was adorable. 

On days I'm home, we continue to explore the area by bike. I believe Eleanor and I put approximately 140 miles in on the bike together in the month of October. We take company when we can get it, and ride by ourselves when we can't. We have found lots of interesting roads, neighborhoods, creeks, and rivers. I am sure our biking will decrease significantly as it gets colder, but I am hoping we can keep going out as longs as the weather is somewhat decent.

We also finally switched Eleanor into a new carseat. I found a great deal on one (the same brand I have for Eleanor's other stuff) awhile ago, so we've had it for months and just haven't needed it yet. She had plenty of wiggle room on the weight restriction, but she was borderline too tall for her infant seat. She's now in a bigger one and so far doesn't seem to notice a difference - it's just way less easy for us! Oh well.

I have tons and tons more pictures from the past month, but neither the time nor energy to post them all. This is a good glimpse of what we've been up to though! On to November.


Patty said...

These are just wonderful pictures! Thanks for keeping us in the loop on how much she is growing and changing! I LOVE her pumpkin art!

LA-jan said...

Love this update, so adorable!
The sleeping pictures are so precious!

Dorothy said...

She is adorable sleeping. Nice that she has so many her age are near by.

maggie said...

oh, the sleeping pictures! too cute! Thank you for keeping us updated on her adventures :)