Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fun with friends

The week leading up to Christmas has been relaxing and filled with friends. Eleanor and I did go out to the stores one day this week for last minute odds and ends, but we were sure to stop by the kid section of the store so she wouldn't get bored. Eleanor colored and was able to play with Legos. Really she just pulled them apart, but seemed to enjoy them!

The rest of our time we tried to spend doing fun things with friends. One of our neighbors invited us over for a cookie decorating afternoon which was fun for both of us, though Eleanor was bad at cookie decorating. She basically ate cookie dough while I cut cookies out of the rolled dough. She participated well in the hanging out with her friends part, even if she didn't do so well decorating cookies. 

The weekend before a friend hosted an ornament exchange in town and we had a girls night while Chris and his friends participated in their annual eat-off at an all you can eat buffet (gross).

We've definitely been taking advantage of relaxing and enjoying the holiday season this year. I did almost all of my Christmas shopping online and early this year and wrapped gifts as they arrived at the house each night, so overall it's been a great season. We are looking forward to Christmas!


Dorothy said...

She must like those legos. She was climbing on the table to get to them. Nice to have neighbors to do all those fun things with.

maggie said...

Love all these great Christmas festivities! E seems to be enjoying the season.