Monday, December 22, 2014

Collecting Leaves

We have a lot of trees at our house which requires a lot of raking. Last year we were very slack about this having had a newborn throughout the fall, Chris working every weekend at football games here in town and on the road, and me working every other weekend after my maternity leave ended. This year we decided to be proactive and rake five bags of leaves every week during one of Eleanor's naps. It certainly made a dent every week and made the whole thing more manageable, but we will definitely still be raking leaves in January. Eleanor has enjoyed the leaf piles though as Chris taught her how to jump on them (she only jumps on the edge of the pile), and she likes to crunch the leaves. She also likes to "help" bag them.


Dorothy said...

What a helper!

maggie said...

Ha - gotta start 'em young on that yard work!