Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's Day and visits

Right before the snow came in, Chris' parents came down to visit for a night. It was cold, but we took walks around the neighborhood to the park - probably the last walk we've taken in a week due to snow/ice on the roads. Then we went to the Tribe game on Valentine's Day. They also brought Eleanor some cute new outfits for spring - which we both love!

After they left, we continued our Valentine's Day brinner tradition by having french toast for dinner.

Overall a great weekend before the snow came in and trapped us for part of the week. In this area, neighborhood roads rarely get plowed, or in our case, were plowed three days after the snow came down when the roads were already fixed into a firm sheet of ice. We definitely took advantage of the snow while we had it since we don't get it often here!


Patty said...

We were so happy to visit! We miss her every moment we are away!

Dorothy said...

Love her new purple outfit! Cute! Looks like it was a fun weekend.