Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow play

We got out several days last week to play in the snow - all this is before the 7-8 inch snow fall we got yesterday!. Eleanor really enjoyed "sledding" which meant we pulled her on a sled (no hills this year). She did not so much enjoy walking in the snow, because she couldn't do it well. That part often ended in tears.

After an afternoon of sledding, Eleanor actually fell asleep on the sled on the way home. We didn't realize until we were almost all the way home, but we just picked her up, put her in her crib, and she continued on with her nap. This girl sleeps absolutely anywhere - I love it!

More pictures next week from this week's snow fall!


LA-jan said...

So picturesque!
Love, love, love the one with her looking out the window, and had to chuckle at the one of her napping in the sled!

Dorothy said...

That looks like a comfy sled! Can't wait to see more of the snow in Williamsburg!