Monday, March 2, 2015

Bounce House

Because we've spent most of the week inside all day, by Friday we needed an outing. A friend invited us to the Bounce House in Williamsburg, and we all bundled up and headed over for the morning. The Bounce House is exactly what you picture when you hear the name - a warehouse-style building with tons of inflatable equipment inside. There is even a special section for kids aged 1-5, which enabled Eleanor to really be able to play. The kids all had a great time - definitely a place we will head back to in the winter months when it's too cold to spend much time outside.

Eleanor also enjoyed playing basketball or "b-ball" as she calls it, though she was not very good at sharing the ball with others.

After a little snack, we headed back home for afternoon naps. As I predicted, Eleanor fell asleep the second we hit the car, but she slept a long time that afternoon. Bouncing wears you out!


Chris said...

Shooters gotta shoot. No time for passing.

LA-jan said...

He ought to know!

Looks like a terrific way to get rid of all that pent up energy!!

Kathrin Trujillo said...

That surely is a cool place for kids! Children do love Bounce House, and parents have nothing much to worry about as it is a safe place for kids to have fun in. I'm pretty sure all of their energy were drained after all of the running and climbing, but that sure is a worth it playtime activity. Thanks for sharing, Katie! More adventures to come with your kids! :)

Kathrin Trujillo @ Slides A Lot