Monday, March 9, 2015

February wrap-up

We spent February pretty cooped up in the house. With several snowfalls and just all around cold weather, there wasn't much getting outside to play. Eleanor doesn't like to keep gloves on and then starts crying when her hands are cold so a lot of time outside ends up not being a great option for now. We did have some good indoor (and a few outdoor) times this month.

We started going to Story Truths at church this month. It's a once a week story time for pre-schoolers and Eleanor loves hang out with her friends there. It's fairly chaotic, but a good time.

Eleanor still loves shoes, and she particularly likes to wear mine around the house. It's been pretty cute :)

We went out for ice cream once this month for National Frozen Yogurt day. It was delicious and we actually ended up hitting the after school crowd so ran into a bunch of people we knew, including the woman that took Eleanor's newborn pictures in 2013! I didn't recognize her, but she recognized Chris, and then Eleanor. 

Helping cook breakfast is still one of Eleanor's favorite activities. Whether it is pancakes or eggs, she loves to mix.

Eleanor and her neighbor friend are a huge hit at church every week. After we pick them up from the nursery, they run into the main sanctuary and dance on stage in between services. Lots of (particularly older) congregationalists always comment on the girls and how much they enjoy them. 

Maynard has certainly not been forgotten around here and has only gotten more dear. We are taking a trip this month (March) and are leaving him behind because he is fairly big. I am a little worried that she is not going to be happy about it...

We went to Eleanor's best friend's birthday party this month, which was lots of fun. Any time all the kids get together it tends to be a good time.

I also was blessed to have a couple college roommates come visit for a very short but very sweet visit. I love those girls and am so thankful for their friendship.

Lots of basketball games this month took up our weeks. W&M locked up the #1 spot in the CAA. We, unfortunately, are going to miss the CAA tournament this year, but hopefully we will do well!

Chris has been doing lots of crockpot meals in this cold weather and it's been awesome. It's wonderful to come home to a prepared meal!

Overall February was a great month, but I felt way too trapped indoors. We are really looking forward to some (hopefully) warmer weather in March so we can get out more. 

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Dorothy said...

I love Eleanor's BIG similes!