Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Big kid in the moby

This week we were sitting around one evening looking at pictures of Eleanor as a baby and Eleanor saw one of herself in the moby wrap while I made pizza:

(Eleanor spent much of her first three months of life living in the moby wrap, even around the house. This picture is from when she was about 3 weeks old.)

Anyway, she saw this picture and started shouting "whap, whap, Eh-know whap." Roughly translated, she was saying "Eleanor wants to go in the wrap." After I figured this out, I went and got the wrap to make sure that's what she actually wanted, and sure enough it was. We spent the next twenty minutes just walking around the house with Eleanor chilling in the moby wrap (which prior to this week, she hasn't been in in months - possibly close to a year).

Anyway, she had a great time, silly girl!


Patty said...

She looks so happy and content! Definitely a heavier load now than at 3 weeks old!

Dorothy said...

She looks like she enjoyed being g wrapped up with Mom!

LA-jan said...

Definitely looks like a comfy spot to be!

Elizabeth said...

that is really sweet :)

maggie said...

aw, tiny baby E is so cute! What a big girl she has become - and full of personality!