Monday, April 13, 2015

Babysitting and our weekend trip

The week before Easter, Eleanor's daycare shut down for a week leading us to have a slew of visitors that came to help out with childcare (thank you!!!). Chris' mom came down for a day, followed by his twin sisters (just to visit), and then my sister, and then my mom each took a day. We had visitors continuously for a week straight before heading up to northern Virginia for Easter. It was wonderful to have the help and we are so thankful that family was able to step in instead of having to find a bunch of random babysitters or finding a drop-in day care for the week. Eleanor had a fantastic time with all her family and talks about "Gaby," "Ashwee," "Jesswie," "Ahwote," (my sister), and "Gramma" all the time now.

After the week, we headed up to Leesburg a couple days before Easter because I just happened to have a couple days off. We did lots of bike riding, including downtown to get ice cream at Shoes, Cup, and Cork, built forts with Eric, playing at the park, and of course, taking naps.

Then came Easter, then Chris' family's house, then home! I have more pictures from Chris' though (none of which I took), but we were able to see most of his family in one day which was very fun!

Anyway, we have been recovering and spent this entire last weekend catching up on things like the lawn, cleaning, and never ending laundry!


Patty said...

Such happy pictures! Thank you for your efforts to be with us!!

Dorothy said...

Such great days for us all!

LA-jan said...
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LA-jan said...

Wow! The picture of the 3 generations is a great one. Tell your Mom that Ponds is really working, her skin looks great!