Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

This Easter we were able to spend with our family in northern Virginia. We started out by decorating eggs. Eleanor did a decent job participating by coloring on the eggs with crayon. Overall dying eggs is still a little messy for her age. She had a great time with the stickers that came in the egg decorating package though.

Eric helped Eleanor build forts with couch cushions, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Then she started diving off the couch head first onto pillows, which she enjoyed just as much.

On Saturday we headed to Dodona Manor for their annual egg hunt. There were hundreds of kids, so I wasn't hopeful that Eleanor would do well. She happened to get two eggs though, one for each hand, and I was pretty impressed. There were other activities there like races, face painting, bag decorating, etc.

There was also an Easter bunny with which kids could take pictures, but this was about as close as Eleanor got. She was kind of obsessed (and still today is) with the bunny. She calls him "bee-yo." Last night she went to bed with an Easter bunny cup and empty Easter bunny pez dispenser. 

Chris helped Eleanor do some bouncing on the balls that she was admiring the big kids playing with.

On Sunday, Eleanor got to participate in egg hunts more her style and pace at both of her grandparents' houses. She loved doing the egg hunting and kept saying "more egg" after each egg she would find.

The hunt at Chris' house is a little more intense, as the younger of the old kids also participate, so they saved a couple eggs for Eleanor to do her own hunt after theirs was finished.

We were so grateful to be able to see both our families this year and enjoy their company. Eleanor even learned a new phrase this year. We would say, "He is risen" and she would say "indeed!" (Luke 24:34) Happy Easter to all!


Erika Garber said...

Haha, that's a great action shot of them coming out the door for the Easter Egg hunt.

They're just lucky I wasn't there, or I would have destroyed them all!

Dorothy said...

Joy all around! Thanks for sharing Easter with us! Love you guys!

LA-jan said...

Love the picture of E on Dorothy's lap and she's wearing the bunny ears!

Patty said...

Just love her! Thanks for your efforts to be with us!

maggie said...

Wow - what great Easter egg hunts! So happy you got to spend the day with your families!