Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March wrap-up

Eleanor and Chris spent much of the month of March in front of the tv for March Madness. This happened to include a lot of tv dinners on the nights I worked. Eleanor loves her some "b-ball" (basketball) and "nah nuhks" (slam dunks).

We celebrated the first day of Spring with a trip to Rita's for free ice. Eleanor particularly enjoyed it.

Chris and I built a garden bed that we will attempt to plant some things in later this month. It was a little more complicated than we had originally thought (surprising, because it's just a box), but neither of us are very crafty or handy, so what can you expect??

We had lots and lots of visitors this month, partially due to our daycare closing for vacation for a week. Lots of family came down various days to help out (more on this soon), but our spare bedroom was a revolving door for a little while. We loved having all the visitors and are looking forward to more this month already!

Eleanor got a new purple hat that she wore for Easter this year and has been rather obsessed with it. She wears the hat around the house frequently and wore it to church the week before Easter, too. All the ladies thought she was just adorable (which she was).

Eleanor learned how to say "I love you" this month, and now says it all the time. It is the cutest thing ever.

So now that basketball is over for the season and spring has sprung, we are looking forward to a lot more outdoor time :)


maggie said...

oh my gosh - the I love you video melts my heart! what a sweetie!

Patty said...

I wish we could see all of you more often! The video is priceless!