Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Busch Gardens

Eleanor and I have started exploring Busch Gardens this month. So far she has not been the biggest fan, but we've been working on it slowly but surely. Both times we've gone so far, this is what she looks like as we enter the parking lot:

There are lots of rides for people her size, but she doesn't seem to be as adventurous as she was just a month or two ago. We'll have to see how the summer progresses. One of the rides she is scared of but then enjoys once she is on is called Elmo's Spire. It's basically a drop tower that bounces instead of having sudden drops.

She also is scared of the Clydesdales before she gets on them and then loves it when she's on them.

She is not a fan of the ladybug coaster. I think it's a little to jerky for her.

Another not so favorite was a spinning ride called Oscar's Whirly Worms.

Perhaps her favorite part of the park though so far was meeting Elmo. She loved Elmo and then even went to hug a picture of Ernie after meeting him.

She also loves anything to do with the "choo choo train."

They've got lots of little climbing areas for her to play in, which she seems to enjoy more than any of the rides so far.

And they've got a little splash area in the Sesame Forest that she has not been a very huge fan of, much to my surprise!

Overall, I think it's just taking her some time to get used to everything, but I'm hoping she will get a bit braver as the summer progresses.

Either way, this is how she looks every time we leave the park:


LA-jan said...

Darling pictures!

Dorothy said...

This is so cute. She will be running to her favorites in no time! I love seeing all the phases she goes through.

Patty said...

These pictures are so cute but I'm laughing so hard at some of them! Hope to join you one day there!

maggie said...

haha! She seems to be a girl who knows what she likes - love it!