Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day weekend

We went up to Leesburg to celebrate my dad's birthday for Memorial Day. On the way up, Chris went to Lake of the Woods for his friend's birthday, which he's done every year for almost ten years now! We had lots of fun hanging around the house playing with Eric's cat Duncan and building cereal forts. Eleanor is trying to be a lot calmer around Duncan so that he doesn't immediately run away when she gets close. So far she has been fairly successful, but then she'll start shouting, "me-ow, hi!!! me-ow, tail!!!" and he will get startled and run away.

On Sunday, we went to Leesburg's outdoor pool, which happens to be a small water park. I am trying to get Eleanor a little more interested in the water than she has been so far this year. The first hour or two at the pool, she remained very hesitant, but the last hour or so she got really into it and absolutely loved it! We did some floating on the lazy river:

All of the adults took turns on the adult water slides. Eleanor watched and clapped when everyone went down except for Chris. Every time Chris went down and splashed into the water she started sobbing and running toward him saying, "hug, hug!" I am not sure why she only reacted that way to him, but it was both cute and heartbreaking at the same time.

Then Chris took her on a smaller slide, and while she was hesitant and almost crying every time she got off it early on, she ran back up the stairs and said "more" and did it again. Eventually she was laughing and squealing and loving it! Chris even left to go to the bathroom and she kept going down by herself.

We did lots of splashing around in the pool...

And then Eleanor got some swim lessons. She would jump off the side of the pool to Chris, and he would pull her around telling her to kick, splash her arms, put her face in the water, and she loved it.

It was a great day at the water park!


Patty said...

That park looks like so much fun! I hope I get to go to some more swim meets in the future!!

maggie said...

Ah! What a great water park and E looks like she was having so much fun!

Elizabeth said...

That pool looks fantastic! Great job, Eleanor!

Dorothy said...

Let's go again soon! Can't wait to see her laugh and squeal about the slide again!