Tuesday, June 9, 2015

5 months

Chris and I had a somewhat crazy early spring this year. He had a lot of responsibilities at work that were keeping him busy and I took an adjunct faculty job at a local community college and started teaching nursing clinical on top of working. I wanted to give something different a try, and while it was definitely an interesting experience, it was a lot more work and time commitment than I had initially anticipated. I will not be returning to teach again in the fall because...we are expecting a new family member this fall!

I am over five months pregnant, and so far it has been a little bit better than the pregnancy with Eleanor. The nausea and tiredness, along with the new job, made the spring a very difficult season for both Chris and me. Chris stepped up to the plate, but it was draining for both of us. Once we hit about 16/17 weeks in though, it seemed like we had come through the other side, whereas with Eleanor, I was sick through my seventh month. At this point I have a lot more energy and a lot less nausea and sickness. The baby has seemed to be growing right on schedule and we have had no issues so far. The baby has been wiggling around for about 5-6 weeks now and is definitely far more active than Eleanor was. Everyone kept asking if I was feeling Eleanor move much, but I only ever felt her move a couple times a day throughout the entire pregnancy. This one moves allllll day long. We again did not find out whether this will be a boy or girl, so come late September/early October it will be a surprise.
Just over 23 weeks pregnant with Baby Strat #2. 

We are very excited to welcome this new family member in the fall. In the meantime, I am trying to make the most of my last summer with just Eleanor. She is old enough to do a ton of fun things this year, so we are taking full advantage, having as many play-dates as possible, and getting lots of good time in together. 


LA-jan said...

Really ambitious of you to take on teaching in addition to your FT job!!
Congratulations and so happy that this time things are going better!
You look terrific!

Lauren Hall said...

Yayyy I've been waiting for a pregnancy post!! Aunt Janet is right - you look great! So glad you're feeling better and I hope the next few months is smooth sailing :)

maggie said...

So happy to hear that you are doing well and Baby Strat #2 is being kind! You look great!!!

Dorothy said...

Great all is going so well!

Patty said...

So excited! You look amazing!!