Thursday, June 4, 2015

The river beaches

Because we live on a peninsula, we are very lucky to have beach very close to us on three sides. Two sides happen to be rivers, and the third, the ocean. The rivers are just minutes from our house, so it's an easy trip for just a couple hours. We have been trying to get Eleanor to really love the water this summer, so I have been taking her to various forms of water at almost every opportunity. Splash pads, pools, rivers, baby pools, and reservoirs are among what we have been trying lately. It is so hot here in Williamsburg in the summer that I benefit from these activities, too.

The other afternoon we headed to Jamestown Beach (the James River). Eleanor didn't get in the water there, but she sure enjoyed the sand. She also stole my chair pretty much the entire time we were there, so we may have to find one of those for her before we head to the real beach in August.

While Ashleigh was visiting last weekend, we headed down to Yorktown Beach (the York River), which is a slightly more kid-friendly river beach. The sand is much flatter and the river area has less current and isn't as deep. She had fun in the river floating with Chris and then "plashing" and "learning" how to swim. She ate as much sand as she did crackers, but didn't seem to mind.


LA-jan said...

Nice that you are close to water!
She'll be ready for the beach with all the prep she is getting!
Love her adorable sun dress!

Dorothy said...

So nice she is enjoying the water and sand. Glad the see you all enjoying it too!

maggie said...

So fun - love the river beaches and E's side pony :)