Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday by heading to church and then hitting the pool for the morning. We spent the afternoon relaxing and grilling. I wanted the day to be fairly laid back and relaxed for Chris but from morning til night it seemed as if that would not be! Eleanor woke up early and was very loud, Chris had to run out to the store to pick up something for dinner, Eleanor was fussy after her afternoon nap, and in the middle of grilling, we ran out of propane and he had to head back out again to pick more up. Oh well, the best laid plans...often go awry, or so they say. On a positive note, Eleanor was very proud of the craft she made for Chris. She gave it to him and kept telling him "Eh-know paint!"

She made him a frame and we took a picture of her earlier in the week to put in it.

And sadly, here we are running out of propane. Oh well!

The night before, some of our friends invited us over for a Father's Day evening cook out, so we had a blast there enjoying company and eating delicious food. 

The girls all played outside in the pool and then caught lightning bugs once it got dark enough. These are my favorite ways to spend summer evenings so we were so happy for the occasion!

Happy Father's Day, of course to Chris who cares for us, loves us, provides for us and just continually blesses us by being the man that he is, as well as to my dad who raised me to be the person I am today, and to Chris' dad, who raised him to be the husband and father he is today. Also, a special happy Father's Day to my grandpa, who is also a great-grandpa - quite an accomplishment!


Dorothy said...

Well at least you were able to spend the day together. Chris - hope you get a relaxing day to make up to this one! Happy Father's Day to one amazing Dad!!

Patty said...

Happy Father's Day Chris! Thanks for being such a great dad!