Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blueberry picking

We went blueberry picking recently and Eleanor made some improvements from last year and stayed the same in other ways. This year she actually carried her own basket and was able to tell the "blue" blueberries from the non-ripe ones. She did a fairly decent job picking. Like last year though, once she started eating them, the picking was done and she spent the entire time eating them. We went early enough in the morning that it wasn't too hot yet. It seems we've been in a heat wave here for the last month. It gets above 100 degrees several days of each week and pretty much every other day is at least in the 90s. We thankfully got back home before it hit 90.

Of course we also got some of their homemade blueberry ice cream, which Eleanor and I both enjoyed extensively. 

Since then we've done a bit of blueberry eating and baking - I think we will be sure to freeze some for later, too!


Patty said...

Great pictures! I would love to go blueberry picking some time!

AMJ said...

Hello. May I ask a question about a post from 2008? Thanks!
mom of 3

Dorothy said...

Yum! Those look good!