Monday, June 29, 2015

More Busch Gardens

Or as Eleanor likes to refer to it: "Boo Gah Dens, horsie ride." Eleanor's favorite ride is the Lil' Clydesdales, followed closely by Prince Elmo's Spire, which is a mini-drop tower, or as Eleanor calls it, "Up Up Elmo."

We try to get over there once a week for a few hours with whoever we can find to go with. Eleanor has really made great strides this summer at the theme park. She went from hating just about every ride to being fearless. We ran into some friends of ours with older kids last week, and she followed their children onto the Battering Ram, which is an adult ride (that apparently small children can ride with supervision). It certainly made me queasy, but as soon as it ended she said, "mohr, mohr!" and we ended up riding a second time.

She still loves all the other rides, and there are a few more we have yet to try. One that we haven't gotten a chance to try yet is the Autobahn, Jr. (little kid bumper cars). We'll have to see how she fares on that one!

Overall, I was worried the pass wouldn't be worth the money this year, but I sure was wrong. She loves going to Busch Gardens and has a blast when we go. The other day we even had a little impromptu dance party in England on our way out.


Patty said...

She sure is cute and one lucky girl. What a great summer! Wonderful, happy pictures!

LA-jan said...

So many happy smiles!!

Dorothy said...

Looks like great summer fun. She sure has gotten brave on all those rides!