Monday, July 13, 2015

6 months

We have officially made it to the third trimester and have only 12(ish) weeks to go until there is a fourth Strat added to our crew. So far all is well. I am still not nauseous though I am getting a little more tired as time progresses and getting up out of seated or lying down positions gets more difficult by the day. I have a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions which I don't remember having much of during my pregnancy with Eleanor. The baby is still more active than Eleanor ever was and I can feel it kicking pretty much everywhere, though mostly on my right side. 

This week the baby survived its first run-in with a deer (Eleanor's too. Thankfully she was sleeping.), which due to Chris' quick and agile reflexes glanced off the front driver's side corner of the car. The only residual damage we can see is a loose side view mirror. On a weirdly coincidental note, it was at 28 weeks in my pregnancy with Eleanor that we were involved in a small parking lot accident, too. I guess 28 weeks is an unlucky week for me! No other big events in this baby's life have occurred recently. 

28 weeks pregnant with Baby Strat #2


Lauren Hall said...

I'm so glad the deer incident didn't turn into anything serious, how scary!! You look SO great! miss you!!

Dorothy said...

Glad you are okay!!! You look great!

Patty said...

You look wonderful! And so glad all is well.