Thursday, July 16, 2015

Busch Gardens with Chris!

Chris doesn't have a pass to Busch Gardens this year. We debated getting him one early in the summer, but never did it and now we have too few weekends left in the summer without plans, so we decided that it probably wasn't very beneficial for this year. I was able to bring a guest for a day though on my pass, so on an overcast Saturday, we decided to head to the park. It was surprisingly not crowded for a weekend, probably due to the impending weather, and we didn't have to wait in any lines for any rides. Chris was able to watch Eleanor ride all her favorites, and ride with her on the ones we are allowed to ride with her, as well as check out a few new rides that we hadn't explored yet this year.

We checked out all the favorites in the Sesame Forest, particularly "Up Up Elmo."

We also hit up Dragon Land and the nearby carousel, as well as some of the rides on the way there like the gliders, the balloons, and the battering ram.

Chris was able to ride all the roller coasters in the park, including the new ones, without waiting in line.

Some of the new rides we checked out with Eleanor were Elephant Run (a small circular coaster for small people), the Jr. Autobahn (she wasn't able to put enough continuous pressure on the pedal so that she could actually go anywhere), and the teacups (which I did not enjoy).

My favorite new one, though, was Le Scoot. It had a decent drop of which Eleanor was not a huge fan, but it cooled us off a bit when it started to get hot and humid outside.

Overall, we had a great and productive morning at Busch Gardens. It was so nice that Chris was able to come with us, and obviously made things easier for me!


LA-jan said...

Really big smiles on all those rides!
I'm not a fan of teacups either!

Patty said...

Such happy pictures! I love the look on her face on those bumper cars, and the hands up pictures is great! Train 'em young!

Dorothy said...

So much fun!