Monday, August 31, 2015

August wrap-up

While August marks the end of summer for most, it was a big month for us. Between both my and Eleanor's birthdays, more frequent doctors appointments as we near the end of this pregnancy, a vacation to the beach, and trying to fit in a lot of annual training at work so I won't have to worry about it after the baby comes, we had a packed schedule. I am still trying to take every opportunity to get some quality time in with my girl before baby #2 comes around though.

We fit in a couple trips to Busch Gardens, and at one such trip Eleanor pet a snake much to Chris' disgust/dismay. She also rode some of her favorite rides, watched all the Sesame characters perform some songs, and hit up the log flume.

Eleanor also enjoyed her first ice cream cone which ended up being quite a frustrating disaster. She didn't understand how to lick it, so basically she held it the whole time while it melted on her and touched her tongue to the top repeatedly until she eventually dropped it and cried (after which I put it in a cup and she ate it with a spoon). 

We've enjoyed some snuggles on the couch, one day of which she actually napped on me for about an hour, which was very sweet.

Eleanor has started getting my stethoscope out of my work bag and listening to things now that she knows how it works. She likes tapping on the end of it while it's in her ears (I am just hoping she doesn't tap too hard)!

We also went to a friends' birthday party a couple weeks ago and she had a blast opening all of his presents with his sister. It's hard when you're two and gifts aren't for you!

Eleanor celebrated her second birthday and then had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the fact that it was no longer her birthday (her aunts' birthdays are the day after hers).

Eleanor also learned how to put on her flip flops by herself recently, though she doesn't always get it right. This time she came up to me and said, "Uh oh Mama! It hurt!"

Chris took Eleanor to W&M Convocation after the students came back to campus, which is basically a campus-wide picnic to welcome the new freshmen and transfer students to the community. He sent me this picture and besides the bag of goldfish she's holding, she looks so old!

August was a great end of summer for us which included mine and Eleanor's birthdays and both of our family vacations! Now that we've wrapped up our summer travel, we're settling in for fall. Since we expect Eleanor's sibling to arrive this next month we haven't made much in the way of plans, but I'm sure we'll find some interesting things to do around town. 


Patty said...

Great pictures! Wish we could have gotten to Busch Gardens with you...maybe next summer! Still love that 'my birthday" video!

Dorothy said...

Agreed! One of these days it would be fun to go to Bush Gardens with you guys. We did enjoy Funland at Rehoboth and got to see Eleanor have fun on the rides!

maggie said...

oh that video is just the best! She is such a sweet girl and it looks like you guys really got the most out this summer!