Thursday, August 13, 2015

College Creek

We took another trip to the river (the James) one evening last week. We picked up dinner on the way there and had a picnic on the beach while enjoying the not so direct sun that happens during the day. It's actually a great time of day for us to go because I don't have to worry so much about sunscreen for all of us.

Eleanor's favorite activity was dragging sand onto the blankets and towels until Chris "taught" her how to skip rocks.

We love living so close to several types of bodies of water. It is wonderful to have so many great options at our fingertips.


Dorothy said...

That video was so cute! You do have a great place to live!

Patty said...

These pictures and video are so cute. you are so blessed to have so many water options!

LA-jan said...

Great shot of E on the last one!
How nice to have so many water opportunities!

maggie said...

What a great little trip to the water - wish we lived near more swimming places!