Monday, August 10, 2015

Girls' reunion weekend

Last weekend we had a college roommate reunion weekend! The last time all eight of us were able to be together was at the last wedding in our group almost two years ago. Several of us have gotten together on a slightly smaller scale since then, but this time, all eight of us were available! We rented a timeshare style place in Williamsburg and everyone's families came along. The most special part of having our families in town was that three of us have daughters who were able to meet and play together throughout the weekend.

Eleanor helped us get ready the night before people came over. We all met at our house to have dinner as people arrived. Eleanor's favorite "cleaning" activity is vacuuming with her popper while someone else vacuums.

Then Eleanor and Hannah got to meet their friend Stella for the first time!

One of the benefits of renting the timeshare was access to a pool, which we took advantage of several times.

We also spent a bit of time exploring Colonial Williamsburg and William & Mary's campus, which we all call home.

One of our roomies, Stina, gave the girls matching romper outfits and we of course had to take adorable pictures of them in them :)

And, perhaps my favorite picture of the weekend because it displays my child's personality so perfectly, a picture of the group in front of the Wren Building. I asked Eleanor to sit with the group and she adamantly refused, but was still perfectly happy to be a part of the picture as long as she could do her own thing. I knew if I went over to get her, she'd end up in tears, so I figured, whatever, it will be funny to look back on, and it certainly is.

We had an awesome weekend spending time with all our friends and were so sad to see them go when the weekend ended. We may have to make this an annual thing!


Dorothy said...

So very happy all eight of you were able to spend together. What a wonderful thing your lasting friendships area!!! Those little outfits are adorable and I love Eleanor's independence are your support of her!

Lauren Hall said...

It's so great that you were all able to get together; it looks like you all had a great time! You are such a great mom and clearly choose your battles wisely ;) So fun to see the next generation of girls together.

Patty said...

Love how you all remain so close after so many years. And I love the growing families. The rompers are adorable and I feel like I've met Stella!

maggie said...

Thank you so much for hosting us! We can't wait for the next one :) Loved watching our daughters play together <3