Tuesday, September 15, 2015

9 months

I woke up this morning (38 weeks) having contractions so I figured I'd better take a nine month picture just in case we don't make it to 40 weeks. This last month has been marked by more contractions, more difficulty sleeping, and just generally growing the baby. At my last appointment, I was already almost 3 cm dilated, the baby's heart rate was still around 140, and he/she was still head down. Chris and I have been narrowing down names but still haven't settled on anything for sure... We have also been busy prepping Eleanor for what's to come. "Eleanor, is the baby going to come out soon and live with us?" "Who is going to stay with you when we go to the hospital to have the baby?" "Are you excited to meet your brother or sister?" I am confident she still has no clue what's actually coming, but at least she shouldn't be surprised when Grandma shows up!
38 weeks pregnant with Baby Strat #2


Lauren Hall said...

So glad you posted this. Can't wait to meet the new babe!!!

LA-jan said...

Oooh So exciting!!

Can't wait to hear the big news!!

maggie said...

Ah - can't believe you were blogging on Jane's birthday! So funny to look back and read this now!