Thursday, September 17, 2015

Labor Day

We got back from the beach the weekend of Labor Day, officially ending all of our summer plans and travel. Last week involved a lot of laundry and a busy week catching up at work. This week, with only 2 weeks left until the baby's due date, we are officially in fall mode. I'm scheduled at work through the end of the month, and if the baby ends up coming late, I will probably just sign up at work one day at a time - though I have not been feeling like the baby will be late at all recently. I signed Eleanor up for a Mom's Morning Out program at church once a week since after the baby comes she will not be going to daycare for the rest of the year and I want to be sure she has the opportunity to go to "school" and play with her friends at least once a week. It will also give me the opportunity to have one morning a week alone with the baby while I'm on maternity leave this fall. Chris is several weeks into his fall class by now, and we are trying to figure out any last things we need to order and get ready for the new member of our family, which includes picking a name, which we still haven't yet!

Labor Day weekend was very low key for us. I picked Labor Day as my "summer holiday" to work, so I had to work on the Monday and Chris and Eleanor spent the day together. Many of our friends had plans already either with a last hoorah weekend at the beach or family in town, but we didn't make any plans given that we knew we would be tired after a week away. We still ended up going to a friend's house on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the holiday and the end of the summer season, which ended up being a very relaxing experience.

I had visions of my child 14 years from now, heading out with her friends! I certainly won't hope for the time to pass faster, but I know that time will be here before we know it. 

Besides school and work, we have no plans from now until the baby arrives. Chris had a trip planned to North Carolina this week that thankfully got cancelled. Only two weeks until the due date and while I don't think you can ever be "ready" to add a new person to your family, we're doing our best to take care of all the practical things within that time.


LA-jan said...

I was so surprised to see this post today! I thought you were already posting about your "labor"!
Congratulations! Such a "sweetie pie" you have there! And so early!

Dorothy said...

Cute photo of Eleanor in the sports car! No.... let's see that baby!!!

Dorothy said...

Now -- sorry!