Monday, September 7, 2015

Rehoboth Beach - part 1

We spent this past week with my family at Rehoboth Beach - the place my family grew up going to the beach. Because no one is in school anymore (except Chris, but he skipped class, and perhaps I should say "yet" in Eleanor's case...), we were able to take a trip later this year than we typically do. The weather was fantastic, and the beach and boardwalk were less crowded; all good things in my opinion! The only odd part about going later in the summer was that the guys were all already watching football on tv and I kept seeing back to school pictures and references to the return of pumpkin spice things (for the record, not a fan) all week on social media. It was a great week, and a nice little "last hoorah" with just Eleanor as I am now full-term and we are expecting baby Strat #2 to grace us with his/her presence in just a few weeks.

As with all beach trips, most of our time was spent in the ocean or the sand. We stuck to the same routine as last time - up in the morning, head to the beach until early afternoon, back for a late lunch and nap, and then up for whatever in the late afternoon/evening. In the morning, Eleanor would walk to the beach and carry something, usually, "my whale one, my buggy bug" (aka the whale boogie board). In the afternoon, she typically wanted to be carried home because the sand was too hot. 

We spent time in the ocean, jumping over waves and playing catch...

...and perhaps more favorite, near the ocean, in the surf. My mom and Aunt Janet taught Eleanor how to run into the waves and then run out of them, which she thought was the coolest.

She also did a little bit of boogie boarding.

I was even able to read quite a bit while we were there.

And, of course, Eleanor played in the sand making castles, digging holes, or trying desperately to make friends (I think we are spoiled around here, because no one wanted to play and she is always able to make new friends here). 

We came prepared with snacks to extend our trips out (mostly goldfish and "ice cream" packets - aka blended up fruit/veggies).

Eleanor tried to get everyone who was willing to play "pocket de 'oseys" (Ring Around the Rosie) with her over and over and over again. Really only my Uncle Mike and Chris would participate with her.

But I think the favorite by far was bubbles. My cousin Taylor bought a bubble wand on the boardwalk and it made the most incredible bubbles. I think the adults enjoyed it as much as Eleanor did.

I also, completely randomly, ran into one of my freshman roommates from college! It was a wonderful and unexpected reunion. We caught up for a little while on life and friends and then planned to see each other again in a couple years for Homecoming. 

More pictures to come from our non-ocean and sand activities...but in the meantime, enjoy this video of Eleanor beckoning the waves!


Dorothy said...

Oh I had SO much fun being entertained by her!

Patty said...

What wonderful pictures! I'm so glad your extended family got to spend time with Eleanor.

Lauren Hall said...

Eleanor provides such entertainment! Love the video haha :)

LA-jan said...

She is such a joy ! I had so much fun watching her and "run, run, running" away from the waves with her!