Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rehoboth Beach - part 2

In addition to all the mornings we spent at the ocean, we did lots of evening activities. Because my Uncle Terry and Aunt Janet came, much of the evenings revolved around food. He is a chef and brought a suitcase full of kitchen gadgets, pots, and pans to cook with. It was quite unbelievable. One night we did pizzas, which my Aunt Janet taught me to toss, and which I promptly tossed into the light fixture in front of me.

We had delicious appetizers.

And vertical chicken on the grill.

We also did a crab night, which Eleanor ended up not eating any of (she had chicken instead), but she did enjoy smashing the crab with the wooden hammer.

Besides the food, we spent time playing games and doing puzzles. We started on a 2000 piece puzzle that was fairly difficult, before giving up with about 24 hours left to go in our trip. We then decided to start a 1000 piece puzzle, which was done in less than 24 hours!

I spent a couple of Eleanor's nap times reading or sleeping outside in our hammock.

We took Eleanor to Funland on the boardwalk a couple of times - a place I remember going when I was in middle/high school. 

My Aunt Holly and cousin Colby made us all matching flip flops which we sported around town for the week! Eleanor unfortunately ripped her bows off, but I saved them because I am pretty sure she is going to want them later when I am wearing mine.

We had a situation this week where Eleanor decided the only thing she wanted to wear was "my boats dress," so she ended up wearing the same dress for four days straight. She woke up in the mornings saying, "mommy, daddy, put on my boats" and didn't want to take it off to go to the beach each day. I guess it made laundry a little easier when we got home, because she wore a grand total of 3 outfits the entire week including travel days. She actually cried the day we got home because I told her she couldn't wear it because it was in the washing machine.

We spent a couple evenings on the boardwalk.

All the guys, as well as some of the ladies, headed out for a brewery tour on day. They visited 8 breweries in 8 hours, and from what I understand, had a great time.

No trip to Rehoboth would be complete without Shell We Golf? This was Eleanor's first golfing experience, and she golfed all 18 holes like a pro. The video below demonstrates her profound, innate skill at mini-golf and is how she golfed pretty much every hole. 

While the week truly was relaxing and a lot of fun, we were all thrilled to get back to our own beds when we got home (particularly very pregnant me).

Until next time Rehoboth!


Lauren Hall said...

Great pictures! We had so much fun and can't wait for the next trip with the newest little one!

Dorothy said...

I loved every moment of it! Fun pictures. So great to be able to enjoy the entire week with you three and almost four!

LA-jan said...

Love your pictures!
Always such a great time with you guys in Rehoboth!