Thursday, October 29, 2015

Aunt Eileen visits

We had several visitors last week, which is very fun for Eleanor, and gives me an extra hand :) My mom's sister, Eileen came to Williamsburg while she was on the East Coast visiting.

We did our best to show her what there was to see of Colonial Williamsburg and W&M's campus in the afternoon we had. We were busy but I think we saw some good sights and spent some quality time together. We stopped by the Crim Dell bridge after visiting Chris in his new office.

We also headed down D.o.G. Street to get our pictures taken in the stocks.

We even took Jane on her first bike ride to Jamestown Island!

Given that we only had one day, we did quite a lot. Both Eleanor and Jane were troopers, but they both slept very well that night :) Thanks for visiting, Aunt Eileen!


LA-jan said...

Nice post! Beautiful campus!

Dorothy said...

It was such a great day. Thanks for showing us around and putting up with us old folks for the day:)))

maggie said...

Ah such a busy day in the 'burg! Looks like you saw all the great spots!