Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We lucked out this year having Halloween on the weekend. We were able to get together with friends and go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. I decided this is the last year I was going to be able to trick Eleanor into wearing a costume I wanted her to wear instead of wearing something she wanted to wear so we went with a traditional ghost. We had to practice trick-or-treating in the house throughout the week so that she would agree to wear her costume by the weekend. Jane joined in and wore Eleanor's pea costume from her first Halloween.

This was absolutely my favorite Halloween to date! Eleanor loved trick-or-treating and stayed out with her friends until almost 8 o'clock. Jane slept the entire time in someone's arms.

Here's a video of Eleanor "ghosting" around the yard :)

Jane with her sweet new friend Georgia - 6 weeks and 2 days old, respectively!

Chris helped Eleanor count her pieces of candy once she got home from trick-or-treating...39!


Dorothy said...

Love her ghosting around the yard! Such a ghoulish looking ghost!! They are both adorable and so glad you guys had such fun!

maggie said...

Happy Halloween! Love that E had such a great time!