Monday, November 16, 2015

Michigan and a friend's wedding

During the first weekend in November, we went up to visit Leesburg. I had a wedding to go to and my mom graciously volunteered to watch the girls. Chris was heading to Michigan for a football game with his high school friends so Lauren and I went together as dates! The wedding was wonderful. It was so gorgeous outside, though a bit cold.I hadn't thought to bring an actual jacket because it had been so warm so far this year. The bride, my best friend from high school, was beautiful.
(Chris in Michigan)

(Jane spit up on me right after this)

Back at home, Jane gave my mom and dad a bit of a run for their money. Because she has been colicky, she did a little bit of crying, unfortunately. Otherwise, they had a great time together!
(Lots of these pics are from my mom, as I was at the wedding!)

We all had a great time together hanging out for the weekend.

Thanks Grandma and Shug for a night out without the girls!


Patty said...

These pictures are so cute! You are a beautiful mama of two darling girls! Love the one in the leaves and of the 2 of them on the sofa. Glad you got to go to the wedding and Chris to a fun game!

Dorothy said...

It was such a great time with the girls. Any time you and Chris would like to go out for the night, I'm ready!

maggie said...

Such great adventures without the kiddos!