Thursday, November 12, 2015

W&M Homecoming

Homecoming was an especially big deal for us this year as it coincided with W&M launching The Campaign (a project to raise 1 billion dollars for the College), which Chris is involved in. Basically we didn't end up seeing much of Chris from Thursday - Saturday of Homecoming weekend. Thursday night was the Campaign launch gala and Chris was looking sharp.

Friday we were hoping to spend some time with him at the Homecoming parade (or "brave" as Eleanor continues to call it), but he had found out the night before that he would be escorting former Secretary of Defense (and current Chancellor of William & Mary) Robert Gates to and from the parade. We still dropped by to say hi briefly, but not for long! We enjoyed the parade with some friends instead.

Saturday was a day of sports.We went to the basketball scrimmage in the morning - we are a basketball family.

In the afternoon was the Homecoming football game. We got to see lots of friends, as well as the Griffin. Eleanor is very into mascots right now. Eleanor also got her picture taken with President Reveley.
(Last pic courtesy of Ashley via Instagram)

It was an awesome weekend, and thankfully we got Chris back on Sunday. We're looking forward to many more Homecomings here in the 'burg (we hope!). 


Dorothy said...

Looks like a great start for Chris. Fun to see Eleanor enjoy all the activities!

LA-jan said...

Impressive Chris! Eleanor sure looks like she'll be a future tribe!

Patty said...

A lot of great pictures and Tribe pride here! So proud of you Chris!!