Monday, December 14, 2015

More Christmas activities

This weekend, Chris had his holiday work party. Part of it was adult-themed, and another part was family friendly. We obviously stuck mostly to the family friendly side of things, where Eleanor got to decorate a cookie (she had to settle for a graham cracker because there were no more gingerbread men), and snack on s'mores, mac-and-cheese, and sliders with chocolate milk. We were mostly without incident, except for a meltdown involving spilling chocolate milk on her white dress. Eleanor was wet and sad after that :( It was all remedied though when she got to lick all the icing and toppings off her "cookie" and then she decided she was done and threw the actual cookie part away!

On Saturday we took the girls to see Santa! Eleanor ran up and gave Santa a big hug and then didn't want to smile for the picture (which, if you know my theory on pictures didn't bother me in the least). I counted it as a win that no one was crying, which is more than I can say for almost every other kid in the room. Why do we do this to our children?? :)

Saturday night, Chris headed out to his annual Mongolian eat-off competition, where 23 guys competed and gained a grand total of 148.7 pounds. If you don't know, they weigh in and weigh out. There are strict rules and guidelines to participate and this has been going on for years, much to my dismay.

Sunday afternoon, we took Eleanor over to the neighborhood park for their annual hot chocolate and cookies gathering. There were tons of kids there, and of course, she had a great time drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. She also spilled her hot chocolate here, but thankfully it didn't land on her. It was a lot of fun to chat with some of the neighbors that I never otherwise see.

Sunday night was the annual ornament exchange white elephant-style for the ladies (we always do this the night after the guys do the Mongolian eat-off). There was delicious food, awesome fellowship, and some pretty gorgeous ornaments. I took an angel home and am excited to hang it on our tree. We had another great (but warm!) December weekend..."it's the most wonderful time of the year!"


Lauren Hall said...

I love the picture with Santa! And I completely agree - no one crying, definitely counts as a win. I died laughing when I heard E asked for a birthday cake for Christmas :)

Patty said...

I absolutely adore the Santa picture! E definitely loves her cake - she makes me proud! Mongolian BBQ...there are now words, though I would love to witness this sometime.