Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November wrap-up

November started out not too bad and has ended pretty cold! We have switched out all our clothes for long sleeves and I finally hid Eleanor's flip flops because she continues to try to wear them despite the weather.

We've been playing in the rain because Eleanor got a new (HUGE) raincoat. It will definitely work for her next year, too.

Jane started smiling this month and it is super cute :)

We also started using the bumbo for her to sit in while I make dinner. She prefers being a part of the action.

Jane is still sleeping in our room because she is still up multiple times a night. We are trying to make the best of it...

A couple weeks ago, through a fluke accident, I locked both girls in the van with the keys sitting visible on the passenger seat. Eleanor was already strapped into her seat, so she couldn't get down to help unlock the doors. We had to call the police, and the girls ended up in the van for about 10 minutes while I tried not to freak out and scare her. When the officer got the door open, Eleanor was waving her hands around singing the Power Shuffle from this year's VBS soundtrack and totally calm. She got a sticker from the officer for being brave.

My college roommate, Kayla, came down for a quick visit and to meet Jane. It was short but oh so sweet.

Eleanor is still about once a week or so deciding not to take a nap, so she ends up passing out somewhere random in the house around 5pm for 30 minutes on those days because she just can't make it to 7:30 without a nap.

Jane had to get her first set of shots at her two month doctor's appointment and took them like a champ. If I remember correctly, four months was the hardest for Eleanor. Eleanor also got her flu shot and did great!

Eleanor visited chickens at her friends' house and led by her friends' bravery, chased them all around their pen. She loved it.

As you may have noticed in some pictures, Eleanor has enjoyed wearing a cape that she made at Mom's Morning Out recently. Her friend down the street made one too and they occasionally wear them together, hah.

A new pizza place called Blaze Pizza opened in town and had a free pizza night. We went and it was quite delicious. We'll definitely check it out again soon.

Generally, I don't let Eleanor take Maynard out of the house, but one random Saturday when we had nothing to do, we let her bring Maynard to CW and she pushed him all around DoG street. Everyone who stopped us commented on her Cabbage Patch doll - they are quite a hit among the older generations! He is certainly well loved here :)

Jane loves her swing for about 20 minutes at a time, but really just enjoys staring at the stars above her head. Much to my disappointment, she does not fall asleep in the swing like Eleanor did.

One of Eleanor's friends just turned two and we had yet another friend birthday party. It was so chaotic, fun, and loud. It was also VBS-themed, so Eleanor was quite thrilled.

On the way back from Thanksgiving, we got our Christmas tree. Eleanor loved helping decorate it this year, and except for attempting to hang every ornament on the same branch, she did a great job! We ended up with four on one branch, and only because we stopped her from putting more on it. :)

Now on to December...


LA-jan said...

That is so so cute hanging all those ornaments together!
Nice post!
(and stash a spare key somewhere you can get to it!)

maggie said...

oh my gosh - the story of the van is so crazy! I'm glad to hear everyone is okay! Love E's cape and Jane is so sweet and getting big already!

Dorothy said...

These are great pictures! Glad the police got there so quick! Fun days!

Patty said...

You are so blessed to have so many friends in the same phase of life as you so close by! Love Eleanor's cape and Jane's smile!