Monday, December 7, 2015

The first week of December

As soon as we got home from Thanksgiving up at our parents' houses, we got into full Christmas gear down in Williamsburg. We are doing Advent this year with Eleanor, which started this week and has been so much fun.

We started out by having a family Christmas movie night on Friday. We watched a Charlie Brown Christmas, and then part of Elf.

Saturday morning we headed down to Colonial Williamsburg to watch the 50th anniversary of the Christmas Parade.

From there we headed to church for a family Christmas party, which was an absolute blast. Eleanor was big enough to participate in all the activities and really enjoyed it.

On Sunday, the highlight was Grand Illumination. Eleanor was tired from a busy day and a really late nap that I had to wake her up from to make it downtown, but she really enjoyed the fireworks. We bundled up though it wasn't terribly cold and brought hot chocolate with us. We also met up with our small group on the Governor's Palace lawn to watch together.

I love this time of year and I am very excited to continue celebrating Advent as we prepare for Christmas.


Dorothy said...

So enjoy seeing your family traditions as they grow each year! Such a busy fun week!!!

Patty said...

Such wonderful pictures. Eleanor really seemed to enjoy that cookie and I think Jane had her eye on it! Hopefully we can join you next time for Grand Illumination. I'm glad you had a great time!

LA-jan said...

I saw that too, Patty. How cute that was!
You really take advantage of all the local events!