Thursday, January 28, 2016

More snow (Jonas - who knew these things were named?)!

Well we (along with the rest of the east coast) didn't have to wait long for more snow. Friday around noon the white stuff started coming down getting Chris sent home early from work! I did push him to leave as early as possible though because I wanted him to run to the pharmacy before they closed... but by around 1 pm the roads were covered and I was ready to be snowed in! I took a walk with the girls so they could enjoy a little bit of the fresh snow as it came down but by the time we got even to the end of the driveway, I figured there was no way to keep Jane warm or dry enough. I thought I was brilliant by switching the girls into the bike trailer (with a wheel attached to make it a stroller) because it has a plastic cover so they could still see out. Within about a minute, it was covered in snow and they couldn't see out. Needless to say, that walk was short.

We bundled up every day at least once and sometimes twice from Friday through Monday (Chris didn't have to go to work until noon) and didn't go anywhere except a nearby sledding hill. Even church was cancelled this weekend!

Chris and Eleanor and I had some snowball fights in the yard while Jane napped inside. Eleanor was very specific about what she wanted to happen during these fights: "You go far away and stand up and I will run and tackle you and hit you with a snowball, okay? And say, 'no don't tackle me,' okay?"

I so much wanted to be a part of all the snow fun but we had to be mindful of sweet Jane who was still a little under the weather with RSV and the ear infection. One afternoon, I pulled a big comfy chair in front of the storm door so I could watch Chris and Eleanor play in the snow while I snuggled with Jane and this is what I saw...

We also made sure to get in a family movie night with hot chocolate and whipped cream.

The most fun we had though was sledding. We tried a local hill on Saturday morning, but it was sleeting/mini-hail so we were all miserable and in pain on any exposed skin. Chris ended up taking Eleanor over to our neighbors to sled on a small backyard hill.

After it stopped snowing Saturday, and since church was cancelled Sunday morning, we headed back out to the big hill Sunday morning. The sun was out so I wasn't too worried about Jane, though we did leave her in her carseat for the majority of our sledding excursion.
(Yes that is Jane being towed in her carseat behind Eleanor on the sled!)

And some videos - Jane's first sledding experience, Eleanor and Chris, and Eleanor by herself.
EBelly from Katie Stratton on Vimeo.

We've played as a family and played with friends. We had some friends over to play games during naptime Saturday afternoon and Chris went out to play poker with some guys Saturday evening. Eleanor has played with her neighborhood friends throughout the weekend, too. It's so fun having other kids her age within walking distance. What a special bond they will have.

Overall Eleanor has loved the snow except for the painful sleet experience on Saturday morning. Jane is unsurprisingly indifferent. After Christmas and New Years is over, all I wait for the rest of winter is snow! Any little bit here in Williamsburg generally gets everything shut down for a day since there is minimal here's to more snow this season!


Dorothy said...

You guys really got out there! The sledding looked great!!!

Patty said...

Love all the pictures - so colorful and FUN! You sure do a great job of getting the girls out and taking advantage as much as you can!