Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Basketball getting us through January

January is always a long month for me. It's the first month of winter that seems like there are days too cold to take the girls outside. There are also no holidays to look forward to, so we rely on basketball to get us out of the house (true for February, too).

The girls both seem to love it. Eleanor spends a lot of time in her crib during naptime shouting "E - I - let's go TRIBE!" (her version of T - R- I - B - E, let's go TRIBE), "Go Sean!!" (one of the players on the team), "DOO-fence" (her version of defense), and "chicken nuggets" (something some of the older girls yell during free throws). Jane spends a lot of her time in other peoples' arms.

After the games, sometimes Eleanor gets to shoot hoops with friends (she hasn't made one yet). Last week after one of the evening games, Eleanor stood in line for her first team autographs! She thought it was fun but didn't totally understand it. She didn't want to keep giving up her paper. I did get a picture of her with her favorite player, Sean (he doesn't know Eleanor only knows his name or even who she is, haha).

Happy January...here's to a good season!


Dorothy said...

Oh, these are such good times. Nice to have a fun way to spend the cold winter days!

Patty said...

How wonderful to have a natural activity that you and the girls love, to get you out of the house and give hours of enjoyment! So many friends...you are blessed!