Thursday, February 4, 2016

January wrap-up

A month into the new year and we have been loving the cold weather. Despite some sickness this month, we have been trying to keep getting outside as much as possible.

One sunny Sunday Eleanor and I walked home from church because she was throwing a tantrum in the parking lot. One of my goals this year is to be more patient and listen more before reacting. We walked home and chatted about why she was so frustrated and ended up having a great time.

My mom got Eleanor a tinkerbell dress from a thrift store while we were visiting around the holidays. We were are the thrift store for something totally different and Eleanor honed in on the dress, held it up and said, "I LOVE it!" and it was hers. She wore it every single day for about a 15 day streak before I hid it for a couple days. I call this picture "Tinkerbell or Cinderella?" and other people called it "Tinkerbella" or "Cindereleanor"

Eleanor gets more opinionated about her clothes and what she wants to wear every day. The other day I sent this picture to Chris while we were out on a walk and his response was, "she looks like a homeless person."

In the spirit of getting outside, we had to head to Colonial Williamsburg at least once this month.

Eleanor loves to get more helpful by the day. Here she was trying to take Jane on a walk "by myself."

My Aunt Holly got Eleanor (and Jane) her own calendar for Christmas this year. Eleanor wanted to hang it in her kitchen (which is in the kitchen) right under our family calendar. It is so cute - she loves it!

We've taken advantage of our neighborhood park on decent days outside.

Jane took her first ride in the big stroller seat.

Shug and Grandma came down to visit! Grandma was helping with the great room swap (more on this later). Eleanor will be moving into a big girl bed soon, so we had some projects to do.

Chris and Eleanor had a breakfast date after a friend's basketball game while grandma was here. He was getting her out of the house so we could be a little more productive.

Eleanor is still falling asleep all over the place. She fell asleep on a walk around the neighborhood, and another day she fell asleep and almost toppled out of the stroller face first in CW. Thank goodness for seats that recline!

We've taken a few family bike rides when weather permits.

Eleanor's friend had a birthday party at Chick-fil-A and it seemed to be less chaotic than usual!

Gaby came to visit to spend some time with the girls so I could go get a massage they gifted me at Christmas!

January was a cold (two decent snows!) but full month for us. Onward to February...

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Dorothy said...

Her kitchen set up is so cute with her own calendar! Love all the pictures. I bet that massage was wonderful! Great gift idea Patty!