Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let's get healthy

We just cannot seem to get healthy this year! As soon as we all seemed to recover from RSV and colds (except for me, I still had a cold), I got a text from Chris right after I had arrived at work last week saying Eleanor was throwing up. She called out for Chris when she woke up and when he went in to get her, she said "look at my mess" and had thrown up in bed :( She spent that whole day getting sick, and then transferred it to me. Luckily I wasn't throwing up, but I was certainly feverish and exhausted. There was some crazy virus going around though because just about everyone we had watched the Super Bowl with that Sunday had at least one family member (or all in some cases) down.

Chris sent me pictures throughout the day of our sweet girl trying to hold herself together through naps and movie watching. I'm just realizing that she is wearing a different shirt in almost every picture he sent (giving you an idea of how sick she was). Thankfully this only lasted for 12 hours and then she was back, though her appetite took quite awhile to recover.

Here's to getting and staying healthier..!


Dorothy said...

Get well sweetheart!

Patty said...

So belated, but I am glad everyone is healthy now!!