Monday, February 22, 2016

Tree removal

We have had a giant holly tree in our front yard since we moved in, and because we don't have an appropriately sized ladder to keep in trimmed, the tree has been growing unchecked the last 2+ years. In addition, every spring, the tree attracts a substantial amount of bees making our front yard/door pretty much unusable, though we don't use our front door much anyway ;)

We decided that we were going to take the tree down, so while Chris didn't have work for the holiday during some unseasonably warm weather, we took action. Well, Chris and our neighbors took action. I spectated with the girls.

So if you're counting, that's two large trees removed since we've been here, and numerous tiny ones that I chopped down with a chainsaw a couple of springs ago. I want to plant another tree in it's place, though Chris is not fond of that idea. I might wait a spring and see how it looks before deciding...
Tree from Katie Stratton on Vimeo.

Eleanor has been helping dig out the stump...after about an hour of this though we decided we'd rent a stump grinder and just grind it, hah!


Dorothy said...

That's a big job. No sign of the bees?

LA-jan said...

Ambitious project!

Patty said...

Hard work. I see a crepe myrtle in this hole's future!!